Category: Testimonials


We would love to share with you this selection of some of the amazing feedback we have been privileged enough to have received.

“A highly interactive course offering a range of creative ideas that can be used in face to face work with children and young people. The course integrated creative techniques with the opportunity for personal and professional exploration and development. The relaxing environment and continuous support offered at the centre made learning a natural and simple process”.
Denise, Liverpool. (Diploma in Counselling Children and young people)

“From the start of our coaching, Pat was very focused on me, recognizing that I am my business. She encouraged me to talk about what I do well and things I’d like to do more of. As I talked she reflected back what she was hearing, championing me and helping me to see that I was capable of much more. This gave me much-needed confidence to overcome some of the obstacles which are the lot of anyone working alone.
Its been a special privilege to work with Pat. She’s warm and generous with a broad range of experience. She’s clearly passionate about what she does and her energy is infectious. She has listened actively, encouraged purposefully and drawn experiences from her own life in order to help me shed light on my own. She’s an amplifier of all that is possible and good. Pat is a skillful personal development coach and mentor as well a a great role model of how to remain authentic, become empowered and be a successful businesswoman. Working with her has had a transformative impact on me and my business and I’m eternally grateful to her for her kindness and care”.
Jen, Liverpool. (Coaching and Mentoring Programme)

Thank you Pat for being such a great Tutor (with a capital TTTT!!!!!). It is your teaching and your enthusiasm that made this Diploma Course so very enjoyable ,interesting and achievable. I am proud to be accredited through the Centre For personal Development and proud to be part of the 1% of qualified Children’s Counsellors in this country.”
Joan, Liverpool. (Various training courses)

“I have attended many training courses but there is something very special about the Centre which makes it so unique and sets it apart from other training Centres. As soon as I entered the Centre I sensed a warm and positive vibe which continued on meeting Pat and Vicci, and throughout the duration of the course. A truly memorable and life enhancing experience. The Centre is a safe, comfortable and friendly place to learn, not only about counselling children and young people but about myself and others. I feel I have grown both professionally and personally since completing the course”
Johanna, London.

“I attended the Diploma in Counselling Supervision at the Centre For Personal Development in 2013. The centre was recommended to me by another counsellor, and I came to meet Pat to find out more for myself before starting the course and was very impressed by her knowledge and strong character.

The style of work at the centre is unique – I have been on many courses but none have matched the centre for the intensity of the learning, yet the environment and teaching methods are supportive and nurturing. Pat is an excellent trainer. I wondered what was meant by the phrase ‘accelerated learning’ and after the first weekend I realised by looking at my folder how much we had covered, yet because of the nature of the training it had not felt too much.

The course has given me confidence and a sound basis for working as a supervisor, by providing in-depth knowledge about the theory and skills around supervision. Additionally we have been encouraged to research by ourselves to add to our base knowledge, and have had help in sourcing useful information to back it up. I am looking forward to my work as a supervisor, secure in the knowledge that I have been given the tools I need to provide a sound, ethical and competent service.

“I am very much looking forward to attending many more of the courses that are available, especially the Diploma for Counselling Children and Young People, and I keep checking to see what shorter courses are available to further enhance my Professional and Personal Development. The courses are good value for money, ethical, knowledgeable and yet still there is time for being light-hearted.”
Kath, Southport. (Diploma in Supervision)