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Welcome to the Centre For Personal Development Counselling Service.

My name is Pat Shea-Halson. I am a qualified and experienced Counsellor, and Psychotherapist. I enjoy working with people, encouraging them to develop their own personal and professional goals. I work with groups and individuals enabling them to achieve their aspirations and inspiring them to develop their own personal vision for success.

Providing A Safe Supportive Space For You.
As a Psychotherapist I offer you a warm, friendly, professional, supportive space to enable you to reflect upon your life and look at yourself, and consider the issues this raises. Together we can look at the ways in which you manage your life, and the impact, this has on the quality of your life. This will help you to discover the ways in which you can develop the skills to become solution focussed. We will also look at where you are now, where you want to be, and look at the strategies you may need to put into place to help you develop the life you want. This will assist you to develop the resources you need, to acquire your personal or professional goals, and develop and enhance the skills needed to achieve what you want from life.

Working Together During Our Sessions
I want to develop a professional relationship with you based on integrity, genuineness and sincerity. I will work together with you to develop a trusting relationship, which will enhance our working alliance. I have a passion for counselling and for enabling people to achieve their potential, and this is demonstrated within my work.
My Theoretical Approach
I work as an Integrative Psychotherapist, integrating different theories and methods, which I will introduce to you. My main theoretical orientation is humanistic, and I have been greatly influenced by the work of Carl Rogers. I firmly believe that you have the answers to your “problems” I will help you to find these “answers” and help you to develop your own recipe for happiness and your own formula for success. I will help you to develop the skills required to enable you to feel confident, competent, and empowered.
I Provide A Confidential Service
I work with people who are experiencing all different types of feelings and emotions, including people experiencing depression, anxiety and relationship issues. Counselling can offer you a warm, safe, confidential environment, and provide you with the space to look at the things that are surfacing for you.
Helping You To Make Sense Of Things
I see my role as supporting and helping people to begin to make sense of the issues that are surfacing for them, and help them to “manage” them, and look at the ways in which they may need, or want, to make changes in their life. I will provide you with a safe and supportive environment where you can just be yourself. I will help you to make sense of the feelings that are surfacing for you, and help you to explore the difficulties you are experiencing. I will also help you to understand your behaviour, and work with you, to make the changes you may need to make, to improve the quality of your life.
I Will Help You To Find Your Way Through
Counselling can help you to focus on the things that are bothering you at the moment, and help you to decide how best to tackle them. You can also develop skills that will help you to be solution focussed, with problems that can be solved. Counselling can also help you to manage “difficult” feelings and emotions and help you to come to terms with feelings of loss and depression. I will help you to find your way through some of these painful feelings and emotions, and help you to develop new ways on managing them and working through them.
My Brief Work History
I qualified as a Counsellor 22 years ago and I was Head of the Counselling Department at Liverpool Community College. I managed the department and was also a Lecturer in Counselling & Psychotherapy.

I also taught at different Colleges and Universities. I then set up my own Counselling School the Centre For Personal Development 15 years ago, and taught accredited courses to enable people to become qualified Counsellors.

I work here at the Centre For Personal Development and also within the community. I also work with children and have designed a course the NEW LEAF ProgrammeÓ for children to help them improve their confidence and self-esteem and improve their schoolwork and educational achievements.

I enjoy my work and enjoy watching people grow and develop. I also learn a lot from the people I work with, and it is a pleasure to be part of their journey, as they discover how amazing they are, and how resourceful they have been up to this point in their life.

This insight gives people the opportunity to decide on how they will “live” the rest of their life, and discover they can develop a new life script, which enables them to plan and develop a positive, happy, healthy, enriching, successful life path.

I believe we all have the right and the ability to create a wonderful life. I also believe everyone has the right to sparkle and shine! However, sometimes things happen to us, which takes the sparkle, out of our life. Counselling can help you to put the sparkle back into your life, and help you to make the changes to enable you to lead a happy, healthy, enthusiastic, contented life.

Brief List Of My Counselling & Psychotherapy Qualifications

  • Masters Degree (MSc) In Integrative Psychotherapy.
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Integrative Psychotherapy.
  • Certificate in Psychotherapy
  • Certificate in Integrative Psychotherapy
  • Diploma in Counselling.
  • Certificate in Counselling Skills.
  • Relationship Counselling Certificate I.
  • Relationship Counselling Certificate II.
  • Bereavement Counselling Skills Certificate I.
  • Bereavement Counselling Skills Certificate II.
  • Transactional Analysis Certificate 101
  • Transactional Analysis Certificate,
  • Fundamentals Theories of Transactional Analysis Certificate.
  • Transactional Analysis Skills and Diagnosis Certificate.
  • Transactional Analysis Clinical Practice and Supervision
  • Certificate in Cognitive Foundation Therapy
  • Certificate in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy.
  • Diploma in Fieldwork Supervision.
  • Certificate In Principles And Methods Of Integrative Psychotherapy.
  • I look forward to working with you.

    Kindest regards

    Pat Shea-Halson Psychotherapist.
    MSc Psych. Dip Psych. Cert Psych. Dip Couns. Dip Sup. Cert CBT. Cert TA