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New Leaf Project

The NEW LEAF PROGRAMME© has been specifically designed to help children to get the best they can from the Education System. It has been designed by Pat Shea-Halson

The NEW LEAF PROGRAMME©  has also been designed to implement behaviour modification, enabling children to achieve academically, personally and professionally and to prevent anti-social behaviour. The programme will also improve the child/young adult’s confidence and enable them to feel more confident within their school work, enabling them to eventually secure employment, or further education.

The Happy Child
Some children don’t have “Happy” Childhoods.


Some children don’t belong to a“Happy” Family

Some Children are given a head start and have a lot of confidence and high self-esteem. They are supported and encouraged within their family network. This enables them to achieve more personally and academically.

Some children are not supported and encouraged, and therefore develop low self-esteem and a lack of belief in themselves

The NEW LEAF PROGRAMME© works with the child and young adult to help them to improve their education.

Some Children find it difficult to concentrate and struggle with traditional teaching methods.

Some teachers find it difficult to cope with big class and the traditional teaching methods


Some children struggle with the learning process. They become anxious and afraid.

Some Teachers are skilled at managing “difficult” children and enjoy the “challenge”
However some children are difficult to “reach”

They have a negative self-image and negative beliefs about school and are often “low achievers” non attenders. They may find “other” ways of earning money

Some children become so anxious that they are unable to attend school; they are unable to develop educationally and therefore are unable to find employment.

This creates problems for parents who feel powerless.

They feel desperate and are unable to help their children, because the children do not want to attend school for fear of failure.

Employers also feel powerless and are frustrated and are dissatisfied with the academic performance of their young employees.

What are the consequences to this dilemma? The reality is, if we do not encourage and support children and young adults to achieve at school, they begin to lose interest in school and education. There interest in learning begins to wither and eventually dies.

Every child has the right to a “good” education

If we fail to provide this, we don’t only fail the children.

We fail society.

Every young person has the right to reach their full potential

The NEW LEAF PROGRAMME© helps children to reach their full potential. It helps them to identify their own personal learning styles, and also enables them to take responsibility for their own learning.

The programme insists that the children/young adults take an active role during the course.

The NEW LEAF PROGRAMME© will address issues related to anti-social behaviour. This prevents the behaviour establishing itself within the school system, therefore preventing the issue of antisocial behaviour in later life. The NEW LEAF PROGRAMME© helps children develop life skills to enhance their job prospects.

The NEW LEAF PROGRAMME addresses the following:

Issues Related To School
Improved Behaviour
Improved Academic Performance
Improved Children’s Confidence
Improved Children’s Job Prospects
Enables Children To Be Better Citizens
Reduces Teacher Stress Levels
Improves Schools Reputation
Children and Teachers Working in a Collaborative Working Relationship

Issues Related To Pupils
Respectful Citizens
Confident In Their School Work
Better Grades
Better Job Prospects
Better Relationships In School
Better Relationships With Parents
Better Relationships Outside School
Reduces Incidents Related To Knife/Gun Crime
Reduced Incidents Of Bullying

Issues Related to Teachers
Reduced Teachers Stress Levels
Less Time ill or Absent
More Efficient Teachers
Teachers Enjoying Teaching
Children Enjoying Being Taught
Teachers Improved Performance

Less Graffiti
Less Unwanted Pregnancies
Less Bullying
Less Drug Problems
Less Alcohol Problems
Less Crime
Less Policing Due To Less Crime
Less Money Spent On Legal System
Reduces Anti-Social Behaviour

The NEW LEAF PROGRAMME© has been specifically designed to work with children; teachers and parents to deal with the issues raised that produce anti-social behaviour.

Working Together – Winning Together

The programme uses motivation learning and accelerated learning techniques.

The NEW LEAF PROGRAMME© will be working with schools, children, parents and teachers in schools all over the country.

I want to ensure that the children in Liverpool and on Merseyside get the opportunity to experience the benefits of the NEW LEAF PROGRAMME© which will help them to improve their social and interpersonal and communication skills.


“If you want to change the world start with one child”





The NEW LEAF PROGRAMME was commissioned to work for Liverpool Education Authority. 10 boys who were all excluded from school
and were in Pupil Referral Units, enrolled on the programme.
After completing the NEW LEAF PROGRAMME© in December 2006
they ALL returned to school.

The NEW LEAF PROGRAMME was also successful with 12 year girls. Their performance in school, confidence and self-esteem, attitude to school work, attendance, behaviour in class and relationship with teachers improved by 100%