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MAC (Merseyside Association of Counsellors)



“Working Together To Improve The Counselling Community on Merseyside”

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Information about Merseyside Association of Counsellors (MAC)

Merseyside Association of Counsellors (MAC) has recently been set up by Pat Shea-Halson, and Vicci Haydn, to give the Counsellors on Merseyside, a voice, within the field of counselling. It is also an opportunity to look at the ways in which we can improve the standards of counselling, and develop the promotion of counselling, as being a professional, highly respected and valued service provision, that empowers people to effectively improve the quality of their life.

It is important that we set ourselves high standards as Counsellors, and this includes being appropriately trained, qualified and experienced, to work effectively with members of the public. It is also important that we get opportunities to enhance our counselling skills, and keep abreast of the ever changing world of Counselling and Psychotherapy, and increase our knowledge through up-to-date research

It is also important that Counsellors in Training, have the accessibility to high standards of training, that compliment, their Diploma in Counselling Training. It is also important that all Counsellors are supported and encouraged, to further develop their counselling skills and develop proficient research skills.

We think that we need a forum, that enables qualified and experienced Counsellors, and Counsellors in Training, a Forum, where they have the opportunity, in a safe, warm, friendly environment, to have their voice heard, as they share their ideas, suggestions and experiences.

We want to provide this forum within the safety of Merseyside Association of Counsellors. This will help us all to grow and develop, personally and professionally as Counsellors. This will also enable us, to reach the high standards of competence, that we need, as we progress as Counsellors.

The Centre For Personal Development has set up the Merseyside Association of Counsellors, with the intent of the engagement and empowerment of Counsellors, working together, to improve, the Counselling Community on Merseyside.

As part of the Centre For Personal Development, and Merseyside Association of Counsellors (MAC) we will provide training for students on counselling courses, and post-graduate Counsellors, that include Seminars, Conferences and Workshops.

This will enable members of Merseyside Association of Counsellors (MAC) to develop their counselling skills, counselling theory, and an in-depth knowledge of the relevant issues related to Counselling and Psychotherapy.

This will ensure the members of Merseyside Association of Counsellors (MAC) have accessible, affordable, personal and professional development, and continuous updating of knowledge and Continuing Professional Development, in line with the requirements of the British Association for Counsellors and Psychotherapists (BACP).

We offer a variety of Professional Development Seminars, on a monthly basis, that provide opportunities to improve counselling skills, counselling theory and research, that enhances our counselling abilities and counselling relationships. It is also an opportunity for the exchange of knowledge and information, and an opportunity to network, and make connections, and develop good working relationships, with other Counsellors, Supervisors and Counsellors in Training.

Pat Shea-Halson is the Chief Executive Director of the Centre For Personal Development, and Vicci Haydn is Executive Director. We run an established, friendly, award winning organisation, which aims to nurture professional excellence, provide training opportunities, and enable people to access high quality, award winning training courses, that fit in, around their working and family, life.

As part of the Merseyside Association of Counsellors (MAC), we aim to provide an opportunity for qualified and experienced Counsellors, Counsellors in Training, and Counselling Agencies, to come together. We will provide a safe, confidential, friendly, professional environment, to learn new skills, develop counselling theory, develop and grow as a Counsellors, and work together with like minded people.

The main focus of the Merseyside Association of Counsellors is to raise the profile of Counselling, and the benefits of Counselling, to the people of Merseyside and beyond.

Our main aims are to:

• Bring together a Community of Counsellors, and Psychotherapists.

• Create opportunities to network, build working relationships, and share knowledge, wisdom, and information that is empowering.

• Opportunity to experience how to Integrate Counselling Skills and Theory.

• Forum for ideas and suggestions for improvements within our field.

• Counselling and Psychotherapy Theory Master Classes.

• To develop a ‘Voice’ to influence Policies around Counselling.

• Enable Counsellors and Counselling Services to raise their profile, develop as a business, and develop new ways to become sustainable.

Professional Forums to be held on a monthly basis; Price £10.

Benefits Included in the Price;
3 hours CPD attendance Certificate.
Networking Opportunities.
Themed Master Classes.
Access to Counselling handouts and resources.
Specialized guest speakers.

If you would like to register for free with MAC please email or give us a call at The Centre on 0151 708 5706 and we will be happy to chat to you in more detail.