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Diploma in Counselling Supervision course

This course is a Recognized Qualification in Counsellor Supervision

The course has been designed to meet the growing need for trained Supervisors within the Helping Profession

Both training and Supervision are of central importance within the professional practice of counselling. Counsellors need to be properly trained, and once trained they need to be nourished and sustained through Supervision.

In general, Supervision can be viewed as either Training Supervision or Consultative Support. Training Supervision is part of the ongoing educational training of a student into the helping profession. Consultative Supervision on the other hand is an arrangement between two qualified people, where one offers professional Consultative Support to reflect on their counselling practice, clients, and case management.

Who is the Course for?

This course has been specifically designed for qualified Counsellors who want to gain a professional qualification in Supervision and attend a course, which covers all the issues relevant to become a qualified, knowledgeable, effective Supervisor. This award winning course, is taught to a high standard and is taught in a warm, safe, supportive atmosphere. The Centre for Personal Development provides an excellent environment were students are encouraged to enjoy the learning process. The course is accredited by the Association for Accrediting & Endorsing Counselling Courses (AAMCC)

What are the Pre-requisites for the course:

You need to have completed a Diploma in Counselling Course.
You need to be counselling clients (in a voluntary or paid capacity)

Duration of the course

There will be 4 two-day modules. Training will continue each month on Saturday & Sunday from 10.00 a.m. – 5.00 p.m. at the Centre for Personal Development.

Courses run throughout the year. Please call us for information on our next course intake dates.


Course Content:

• The Supervisory Contract
• The Supervisory Relationship
• The Role of the Client
• Roles and Responsibilities of the Supervisor
• Clinical Interventions
• Do and Don’t of the Supervisory Process
• Tasks and Process in Supervision
• Different Models of Supervision
• Legal Implication within the Supervisory Relationship
• Transference and Counter-Transference within the Therapeutic Relationship
• Skills Development and Intervention Strategies
• Code of Ethics and Practice

Course Information

You will be expected to practice your skills by Supervising Counsellors in client contact whilst on the course. This can be arranged during the course. You can do this in a number of different ways. The Course Tutor will help you to think about the ways in which you can organize this and fit it in with your other commitments.

As part of your training you will be encouraged to bring Supervision issues from contact with your Supervisee(s).

You will be liable for the full course fees once you commence the course. The total fee for the course is £700. Payment may be made in full at the beginning of the course or by installments. You may wish to pay by installments, in order to keep administrative costs to a minimum, we will require payment of £100, plus payment via standing order, and there will be an administration charge of £40 to pay by installments.

Course Criteria

The following criteria must be fulfilled to receive the Diploma in Supervision.

• Attend all sessions.
• Have your own Supervision during the course.
• Supervise at least one Supervisee with a maximum total of 3 Supervisees
• Have a minimum of 5 Supervision sessions with Supervisee.
• Participate during the course.
• Complete the course Assignments


During the course you will be given support and encouragement with your coursework from your course tutor. This will enable you to provide:

• An audio recording of a Supervision session lasting a minimum of 45 minutes and Reflective Self-Assessment 1,500 words.

• An essay of 3,000 words, which demonstrates an understanding of Supervision.

Course Tutor

The Course Tutor is Pat Shea-Halson, Pat is a qualified and experienced Counsellor Psychotherapist and Supervisor. She has a Masters Degree (MSC) in Psychotherapy, Diploma in Counselling, Diploma in Psychotherapy, and Diploma in Supervision, and four years clinical training in Transactional Analysis. She also Lecturers in Counselling & Psychotherapy, and is a Trainer for social services and the NHS She is also a Child Psychotherapist. Pat is a warm, friendly, talented Tutor, with an amazing sense of humour. She teaches in an informal yet structured way. Pat believes in making the sessions enjoyable, interesting and informative, and is described as a charismatic course tutor.

Accreditation Process

This Inspection, Examination and Moderation Procedure was designed and development by Pat Shea-Halson in consultation with representatives from Counselling Courses and Counselling Students from different Colleges and Universities, Moderators, Course Examiners, Lecturers in Counselling and Psychotherapy, and Accreditation Panels. They were all supportive of quality assessment for Educational Courses. The Centre For Personal Development has being using this successful Course Examination Process since 1995, and is accepted and recognised by colleges, universities and employers since 1995.

There is an established Inspection and Moderation Programme written for the Association for Accrediting and Endorsing Counselling Courses by Pat Shea-Halson. It is used at the Centre for Personal Development. The Inspection and Moderation process will embrace the direct observation of the delivery of the curriculum, monitoring of the Course Tutors and student’s performance, and evaluation of the Centre’s strategy for monitoring and enhancing the quality of its own provision, and measure the academic standard of the courses, in accordance with the aims and objectives of the course and the area of study, to ensure a high academic standard is achieved. All of our Course Examiners are independent of the Centre For Personal Development. The Course Examiner, visits the Centre For Personal Development and inspects the course work that has been completed by the students. It is submitted to the Course Tutor and marked in accordance to the marking procedure. The Course Examiner ensures that all the systems and procedures, have been adhered to, and the Course Tutors have used the criteria to evaluate the student’s course work, and ensure the aims and objectives, and high standards of the course have been achieved.

Information regarding the Course Examiners

Although the Inspection, Examination and Moderation Programme have been designed by Pat Shea-Halson, the Course Examiners are Independent Course Examiners. They are usually Moderating other courses or Counselling Courses at Colleges and Universities, and within other training establishments. Pat specifically requested Independent Course Examiners to evaluate the courses. This will ensure that the course has been stringently assessed and examined by an Independent Judicator.


Providing that you fulfill the course criteria you will be awarded your Diploma in Counselling Supervision.

If you would like any information regarding these courses, please feel free to contact us at the Centre For Personal Development on 0151 708 5706 or Email;