We Are the highest ranking training organisation in the country, We hold various Regional and National Awards for Exceptional Achievement and Excellence. We specialise in the delivery of prestigious, Accredited Courses for Counsellors and Professionals.

Welcome to The Centre for Personal Development

Pat Shea-Halson, Chief Executive

My name Pat Shea-Halson and I am the Chief Executive of the Centre For Personal Development in Liverpool. I have been specialising in personal and professional development for individuals and companies for the past 21 years. The Centre for Personal Development offers a range of services focused around personal development. These include Counselling courses, CPD courses, Training Consultancy, Coaching, aswell as Counselling and supervision services. I am described by the people that attend my courses as the best Trainer in the business, and the Centre For personal Development is described as “Best Training Organisation in the Country” this is a reputation we are proud to own! I have felt this has been my life’s work to help people and organisations to develop their own personal and professional success goals. I have a great passion and interest in this, and I have spent many years studying and researching within this field. Over the past 21 years I have been invited to speak at numerous conferences, workshops and seminars about the importance of personal power and professional development, to enable people to develop a better quality of life.

The Centre for Personal Development is renowned for its expertise in personal and professional development, and for the exceptional standard of teaching on the course programmes. I am passionate about learning, and this is demonstrated in my teaching. When I design and teach my courses, I want course participants to feel passionate about who they are, and what they do that makes a difference in other people’s lives. I am aware, through my own personal and professional development, that taking self-responsibility for my life, for my success and my failures will help me to live a happier, healthier life. I know the unlimited freedom that comes from choosing to take control of my life, from rolling my sleeves up, and for taking responsibility for the direction of my life, and owning my ability to create your own happy, healthy, successful life path. This is part of the learning process for all of us, and this is a major element of my philosophy. We all have the power to create an amazing life for ourselves. It is important however, that we get the personal and professional support that enables us to take the steps to achieve this, and that is what I provide here at The Centre for Personal Development. I will help you to discover new ways of learning, and develop new skills, and help you to unlock your untapped talent.

Vicci Haydn. Executive Director and talented Entrepreneur

Vicci is a qualified and experienced Counsellor, and specialises in personal development at the Centre For Personal Development. Vicci, is passionate about helping to empower people, and she see this as a way to help people, to improve the quality of their life.

“I am so motivated by way people change their lives after they have had counselling here at the Centre, or have completed one of our personal and professional development courses. I have always been interested in the psychology of change, and I’m always inspired at the ways in which people make life enhancing decisions, and I’m always excited, to see the ways in which people unleash their potential. As a counsellor I work with people to help them to develop the skills they need, and the resources necessary, to build their confidence and self-esteem, and help them to get on track to build the life they want for themselves”

Pat Shea-Halson believes that Vicci has brought so much passion to her role as Executive Director.

“She brings an amazing combination of skills with her, she has a clear strategic vision, organisation skills, business development, zeal, enthusiasm and excitement, and they are evident in everything she does. It is a pleasure to work with Vicci”. Prior to joining the Centre For Personal Development Vicci worked in the customer service industry, and when she first graduated as a qualified Counsellor she worked with GPs, Medical Centres, within the charity and voluntary sector, and within disadvantaged and marginalized communities within Birkenhead.

In her new role Vicci is developing the Counselling Service provision at the Centre and developing numerous personal development courses, including the Build A Better Life Programme, that Vicci organised within different communities. She recruited numerous women from different communities to enrol on the life-changing course, and enabled them to set themselves life enhancing goals that helped them to unleash their potential.

Why do training with us here at The Centre for Personal Development

Our mission is to provide courses and training programmes to enable people to develop the skills and expertise they need to get into the job market, improve their careers or develop there business. We achieve this by:

  • Providing a warm, friendly, relaxing environment.
  • Ensure a beautifully decorated learning environment
  • Comfortable, relaxing settees and chairs in teaching rooms
  • Award Winning Courses
  • Teach Accelerated Learning Techniques
  • Deliver high standard training programmes
  • Design courses to meet the course participant’s requirements
  • Present course participants with Certificate of Attendance
  • Working within the community to deliver exceptional courses
  • Working with course participants to ensure we deliver our promises.
  • Deliver courses with sought after qualifications.
  • Design and deliver accredited courses to meet people’s needs
  • Qualifications recognised by employers, colleges and universities
  • Courses evaluated by course participants
  • Independent Course Examiners
  • Providing Course Examiners Report for course participants.

Our prestigious awards

National Training Award – National Institute for Adult Education 1995
National Training Award – Dept Education and Employment 1998
National Training Award – National Organisation for Adult Learners 1999
National Training Award – National Institute for Adult Education 2002
Liverpool Hall of Fame Certificate Award 2005
Ambassador for Women 2007
National Training Award – North west region Winner 2008
National Training Award – United Kingdom Winner 2008
National Training Award – Exceptional Achievement 2008

We are so delighted to be able to tell you all about our Sister company, Keys to Empowerment’s recent success in receiving the runners up award after being shortlisted for Best Social Advocate at the Social Enterprise Network Awards 2013. This award recognizes individuals and organisations who act as true advocates for the sector or the beneficiaries of their services and who’s lobbying and campaigning has influenced change.

We are also proud of our nominations for not one but three!! prestigious awards for our sister company “Keys to Empowerment” We have been nominated for Small Social Enterprise of the Year. Pat has also been personally nominated for Social Entrepreneur of the year, recognising her commitment to delivering innovative, and original excellence that benefits society. Vicci has also been nominated for employee of the year for her role as executive director. Keys to Empowerment is a new Social Enterprise, Sponsored by The Centre for Personal Development. Keys to Empowerment was established in 2012 and works to deliver life changing personal development in marginalized communities. We are delighted by the work we have done with Keys and the impact this work has on individuals and we are delighted to have been shortlisted for these awards in recognition of that work. These awards are dedicated to recognising and honouring excellence throughout the North West region and we here at The Centre for Personal Development and Keys to Empowerment feel privileged to be part of this fantastic awards ceremony.



The UK National Training Awards are the most prestigious awards in the country. They represent the highest level of achievement across the whole of the UK. The Regional Training Awards are awarded to those entries that the regional judging panels believe have showed outstanding effects and benefits as a direct result of training. I won the National Training Award for the North West Region 2008. A sense of pride and kudos goes without saying, I felt so privileged to have won this award for the North West, and particularly for winning for Liverpool, because I am so proud of my roots. The external recognition acts as an endorsement and validation of my training programmes. It also demonstrates our organisation’s commitment to investment in its people, positions them as forward-thinking, and gives them a competitive edge.

I am also priveleged enough to have won The UK National Training Award for Exceptional Achievement! The thrill of winning an award is obvious, but the National Training Awards have a far greater reach than individual success. The winners collectively demonstrate that the UK possesses a world-class highly trained and motivated workforce, and the knock-on effect is that this helps attract inward investment to the regions and nations of the UK.



We are recognised as the Exemplars of Excellence

The National Training Award for the United Kingdom is awarded to entries that are exemplars of excellence, and I pride myself on maintaining such exceptional standards that enable me to be one of those exemplars of excellence. Winning the National Training Award for the United Kingdom for Exceptional Achievement, has been an amazing achievement for me, and this represents the highest level of attainment. I have worked hard for all of the achievements I have made during the past 21 years, and I have been supported, encouraged, helped, and assisted with those achievements. That is why I know the importance of helping, supporting and encouraging the people I work with, to achieve their goals, unlock their untapped potential, and teach them to honour their achievements.

We hope you find everything you need. The Centre for Personal Development is focused on providing a high quality service and customer satisfaction – We will do everything we can to meet your expectations.

With a wide variety of exceptional services to choose from, Were sure you will be happy working with us. Enjoy looking around our website and browsing the fantastic courses, if you have any questions or comments feel free to contact us.